Sunday, April 6, 2008

oh yeah, that's right. i'm badASS.


maybe THIS will keep them away from me in stores.

and food courts. and just generally, well, anywhere.

et vous, people? et tu?


pistols at dawn said...

I would pick one of them up and swing them at the others to save time and energy.

TravelGretta said...

As I was browsing through The Rack on the fancy rounder with Rodarte, Versace, Thakoon, etc. there were two kids playing hide-and-seek. IN THE FANCY ROUNDER! I tried to direct them over to the cheaper clothing. No one wants boogers on their pretty new Alice + Olivia sequined dress!

editor said...

24 of them?
you know they don't fight fair, right?

Whiskeymarie said...

I got 24 too. Between the two of us we could take out an entire preschool.
Take that, smartypants five year-olds!