Wednesday, July 16, 2008

how do you clear your head? SHOP -

i know. predictable. but pretty for a posting.
we killed time while waiting for our pup appointment each day by taking in l.a. retail.
like the bleeding edge of fred segal:

the giant stone monkeys of maxfield's. i won't even mention the collection of vintage men's travel kelly bags inside. oh, sorry. slipped out:

the furniture of DIVA. from perfect perverted sofa:

to soapstone slabbed sinks:

to maps of paris (foreshadowing? peut etre . . .):

to lamps made of geishas and guns:

(actually. they are both VERY evelyn lamps.)

sorry. really love the monkeys:

to lookbooks that you can't take home. because the store "copied" them:


editor said...

yes yes fine but this isn't shopping, this is looking.
did you shop???

Gretta said...

I have been away from bloglandia for too long. WM was taking a blogcation, and I kind of did too. Now I'm too far behind on everyone else's blogs - those who did not take blogcations. I'm out of the loop!!!! Dammit!!!!

landis smithers said...

editor - yes, yes, there was actual shopping. something about ALL the jil in barney's being 70% off pushed me over. and now i'm in paris. where everything is in euros. BUT on sale. sick.

gretta - i warned you. now go back at least a week and read your homework to catch up.

editor said...

okay, then i'm holding out on the post about what you bought. give a girl a thrill, wontcha?

Honeymoon said...

Let's exchange links ! Thank u for ur kindness !

See u !

-h of candid cool said...

im really liking the sink, the gun lamp, and the monkey face off

editor said...

holding out FOR the post, not "on."
Getting used to typing on the new phone.

Whiskeymarie said...

Sorry. Monkeys. You know how they distract...

um. Yeah. Monkeys.

landis smithers said...

so. . .

monkeys = good

gun lamp = good

you guys don't care about me. you just want more monkeys and guns.

Iheartfashion said...

LOVE soapstone sinks...