Thursday, September 25, 2008

the six chicest things about september -

ONE : zac posen during fashion week, 
looking better than his own collection.

TWO : the new model cards for
connor b and matt egan.
and no, no queens in the whole deck:

THREE : victoria beckham,
in a highly controversial dress,
at the launch of her new perfume.
i think, divine:

FOUR : a new doggie waste bag package.
with the most obvious headline, ever:

FIVE : marc by marc's new ads for his sunglasses.
one of those "why didn't anyone else think of this"
kind of ads:

SIX : the "return" of the sartorialist.
some had found his photos getting a little stale,
a little predictable.
perhaps the surge of the spring 09 shows have re-ignited
our favorite street fashion guerilla:


Michael said...

I can't tell you how many times I've returned to the lady in the red dress since Sart posted that picture. Gah! I wanna be her/do her/cater to her whims. Or something.

Also, break me off a piece of Zac Posen.

editor said...

i took a pic of the same m by mj sunglasses ad a week or 2 ago. i loved the 2 blues together.
missed the controversy over v. beckham's dress. guess it's my eyes - waiting for my first pair of glasses to be ready, and reading makes me nauseas. and often beckham makes me nauseas, so it's a bad combo.
the color of posen's coppery pocket square next to that pink flower is perfection.

Iheartfashion said...

Agreed on Ms. Beckham's dress and The Sartorialist. LOVE that woman in the red dress!
Also, I've given you the I Love Your Blog award. Do with it as you see fit.

ghettro. said...

dee and ricky are so lucky! who knew legos could have led to an introduction to marc jacobs...

Gretta said...

I wore Zac Posen to my high school reunion. I LOVE him!

Also love V. Beckham.