Friday, February 13, 2009

more than you needed to know about LANDIS SMITHERS :

facebook is the devil.
but the good kind of devil. you know, with the sexy red swimsuit
and cute horns.
i am sucked into that vortex every day,
and recently have responded to my first meme.
i'm replicating it here,
for those of you not "friends" with me directly.
and if you read it,
you have to do this too.
call it passive tagging.
you're it:

i was born on the day the first men landed on the moon.
my grandfather seriously tried to get my mother to name me "moon".
thankfully, my mother was not soleil moon frye.
or gwyneth paltrow.

i grew up in london, new york, merrakesh, and houston.
new york wins.
but in houston i had a pool.

i was the person in our college group who was not supposed to "settle down",
i was the first person to find someone and settle down.
this taught me not to trust the expectations of friends.

my first name is not landis.

i believe that dogs > people.

the best education i ever got was from the jesuits in my high school.
and mrs. murphey taught a better english lit class than any professor at cornell.

i think the prius is the work of the devil.

i believe clothing can change the way you feel about yourself,
and change the way the world feels about you.
that is, in the end, true power.

for the first year that we had Grr, every time I came home,
she would whine, squat, and pee all over the floor.
at first i thought she was afraid of me, and then the vet told me that, no,
she simply had picked me as her mother.
i did not find that comforting.
because mommy had to clean up the pee.

i in no way planned to become a film director.
i in no way planned to run a brand.
i believe in fate, and i believe in free will.
it's how you combine the two that makes life interesting.

my sister and i lead parallel lives.
to a degree that has now become spooky.

i love to travel.
but i hate to commit to it, plan it, or think about it.

some of the most intimate friends i have
are people i barely have spent time with, or only know virtually.
(that's you sofia suarez, and gretchen . . .)

i have been arrested.

my mother was a beauty queen,
complete with crown and court.
and yes, that did affect my life.

i believe models are smarter than people give them credit for.
i also believe that beauty makes life easier on people.

i once knocked over iman in the lobby of the four seasons.
she was very gracious.
and very tall.

i would live in hong kong in an instant.

i would live in paris for a lifetime.

but new york city will always be home.

i spent my christmas holidays in st. croix for a decade.

i believe passion is amazing, but exhausting.
happiness is what sustains.

i have a tendency to buy anything that has shagreen on it.

lanvin and rick owens make me kind of wet.

i am comfortable with my materialism, superficiality, and self-centeredness.
because they are part of what make me generous, thoughtful, and outgoing.


Iheartfashion said...

I'll buy anything with shagreen too.
And I could happily live out the rest of my days in the Marais.

stacy said...

dogs > people = here! here!

editor said...

hey, this was interesting.
okay, 12 - ME TOO!!!
14 - i don't believe it.
25 - some how makes sense.

Whiskeymarie said...

You already know my reply to #14.

This is a great list.

Gervy said...

Yep, this one was surprisingly gripping for a meme.

So is Prius the work of the good kind of devil like Spybook? (What on earth have you got against it?)

I gave you a "Lemonade Award" on my blog... but you don't have to play tag, I am pretty sure you are exhausted after this list.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely adore this picture of you. sexy, easy and cool....and those eyes!

Anonymous said...

and that jacket, especially the lapel is amazing. was it expensive? how much? do tell, no...i dont want to know.

just kidding, how much? no dont ruin it for me.

ok how much really, before i change my mind.

cristy gods eyes said...

# 1. I was born the day that Patricia Hearst carried a M1 Carbine rifle while robbing the Sunset District branch of the Hibernia Bank in San Francisco. They named me Tania after Pattys SLA assumed name.
# 4. My first name is not Cristy.
# 5. I believe people > dogs.
# 9. I love watersports.
#10. The Tresemme spot is stunning. What is common to the thinking style that produced Mona Lisa and spawned the theory of relativity? Creativity, and you are dripping in it. You have an amazing eye. Gods Eyes.
#11. ‘We’re at my sisters. I’m at my sisters?’
# 12. There is nothing I love more then sitting in first class with a glass of champagne and handful of Zanex with nothing to do but sit down and stare into space for 12 hours.
# 13. Some of the most intimate friends I have are people I barely know.
# 15. My mother was on Guiding Light and a raging alcoholic. And yes, that did effect my life.
#17. I lived next door to Nell Carter in WeHo in the 80’s when she was filming ‘Gimme A Break!’.I ran over her cat. She was devastated.
#18. I have a tendency to buy anything that has Bottega Veneta on it.
#25. And don’t forget intelligent, good looking and pretty darn gorgeous!

landis smithers said...

i heart all you guys.

and tania/cristy . . . who are you??

you have me captivated . . . and no way to find out more! what is your blog?

because while it's not parallel lives . . . we have some affinities to talk about, non?