Tuesday, May 26, 2009

memorial day weekend, part the first :

to begin the weekend,
and to share the first edit of "torera",
tim and i had the whole cast and crew over to a casual bbq on the roofdeck.
of course, 
when tim does casual 
it involves lamb, grilled peaches, four composed salads,
strawberry shortcake and champagne.
hence, the lovely kitchen crew:
(julia, timmer, and luke)
and then, the grill fired up,
and things got racy . . .
tian kitchen showed early, with her lovely husband christiano, 
she was a huge welcome surprise in the film.
she is easy to direct, and as much of a ham in front of the camera as i am.
the vanities team:
and jim!  everyone love on the jim!
my cinematographer, parker, and his girlfriend, emily:
as dusk fell over the billboards of santa monica, the party kicked in:
eat no, pump no, drink no evil, boys:
later, we moved inside.
to the bar.
it was the start of the long weekend.
and a great running leap for it . . .

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