Thursday, November 5, 2009

i endorse and adore : Jo Strettell and Serena Radaelli

a man is only as good as the people he surrounds himself with.
so imagine the gift to my manhood
that these two ladies have been.

serena is the tamer of manes, the wind-tousled italian maestro who brings
light and movement to our talents' hair, but also to their spirit and ego.
i swear that the performances improve every time she quietly enters frame between takes,
as she strokes their heads and murmurs to them, you can see them ease,
see them relax into their sphere.
she calmly walks back, nods to me,
and i know all is well.
and she has taught me bold and powerful lessons about my genre,
and myself.
jo applies make-up as if balancing emotion on the face itself, painting mood and emotion,
gauging the story i want to tell and inventing stronger, more modern versions of it's
characters each time.
she also shepherds us all, maternal, gentle, bawdy, and suddenly racy,
making us laugh, blush, and feel grounded
all at once.
without these two, i would be a poorer man.
plus, we love their raucous, brilliant, shiny children:

and they love my man:

great gifts
for which i am humbly proud to partake.

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Jo said...

Thank you Landis, you, Tim, Grr and Avec have made my life so much larger.
We have so many adventures to come, i am so inspired your favourite Factory worker, Jo xxxx