Wednesday, December 30, 2009

new holiday traditions : xmas eve

returning this year to simpler things,
(no travel, no big gifts, no wild parties),
tim and i simply put up the tree and gathered our "orphans".
xmas eve was sitting around watching old movies
while the puppies put uncle luke into a deep slumber
by piling on him:

and yes, I picked the movie.

after all,
what else says "holiday"
like a lesbian vampire erotic romp from the eighties?

1 comment:

Whiskeymarie said...

Funny- I just watched that movie a few weeks ago. Still so perfect and creepy and sexy.

We did a lot less for xmas this year- very few gifts, just getting together with the people we love.

Sorry you were so sick- I joked when I got stomach flu last year that it was the most successful (yet most painful and totally disgusting) workout/diet program that I ever went on.