Thursday, February 25, 2010

good weekend. not so good week.

it's been one of those weeks.
stayed up til two in the morning putting together a pitch,
and while you don't get them all . . . 
it's HARD to hear "we love your work and your ideas, if only you had one more ___ on your reel, but we'll keep you in mind for next time."
to which i always wonder,
how does one get the one more ___
if people aren't going to take the leap on you now?
down day here.
but that always changes.
just have to wait for what my sister calls "the bounce",
when we hit bottom, get pissed at ourselves for wallowing,
and get active again at changing . . . 


Katurah C. Rogers said...

That is rough. It's like they want you to have ALREADY done their project.


nice quote :)