Thursday, March 11, 2010

returning to jackson hole, wyoming . . .

nostalgia hit hard today when i found these photos again.
this was from when tim and i surprised my sister lauren and drove into jackson hole, wyoming,
after attending a wedding in sun valley, idaho.
lauren and i had been out of touch the way siblings sometimes are,
drifted apart by college and new lives and, well, growing up,
so when tim turned the wheel and insisted we were driving across idaho
to go and see her because
"it's so close, it's stupid not to",
i didn't know what to expect.
but a day turned into a week,
and a barbeque at her home on the banks of a river that ran through town,
led to horseback riding,
percherons and quaking aspens,
and the rebirth of our relationship.
i miss her every day out here,
even as i know she is growing on the east coast in her second life,
as i am on the west coast in my third.
love you, little one.
thinking hard about you today.

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