Wednesday, March 3, 2010

tim johnson and the fine art of re-invention -

my husband is a rather amazing man.
he has followed me to new cities when i had a chance to re-invent our life,
or even just my career.
he has deferred luxuries in order for me to pursue dreams,
he has given me classes and equiptment over clothing and toys,
so that i can find my passion,
he has put himself through school by waiting tables
in order to change his own life
and his own path.
he has started and run his own businesses,
reformed major companies' ways of doing business,
played with new technology when no one would,
and proven it to be not only viable,
but superior.
he learned to produce shoots when i had no producer.
and now,
he begins another verse
(for that's what his life is more than a book, it's a sonata, a symphony.)
in his own life.
tim is taking on the re-invention of a retail fashion brand
with our beloved evelyn lee
by assisting her in re-imagining their e-commerce
as she re-imagines the brand.
it's a huge task,
but for those of you who have known us awhile,
not one he is unfamiliar with.
it also means some commuting,
from here to san francisco and back,
so we left last week for a jaunt up to see the lay of the land,
to visit old friends and new spaces,
and to rethink how our lives work,
can you tell he's ready for the challenge??

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Iheartfashion said...

Such a gorgeous couple. Love that last photo.