Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ADVICE - or why i am so bad at, but so learning about, patience.

things are starting to turn here.
i am beginning to see signs that this new career will take off,
and it's exciting and promising.
but i had to learn,
that i had to learn.
that picking up the camera,
was not as powerful as finding the crew,
and learning from them.
after all,
with any re-invention,
my portfolio of print
is pretty stellar at this point,
and my resources are bar none,
top of the tier.
plus, i not only love it,
i rock it.
and my new reel
(in a few weeks i'll unleash it)
is a whole new world.
but i had to be ready
to say to the world,
i don't just WANT to do this,
i've put in my time,
i've honed my craft,
i've humbled myself,
and i know my shit.
patience has always been my bugaboo.
but tim is better by far at it than i,
and we learned this year together,
we pushed hard,
and he helped me grow.
a bad, but nonetheless relevant,
story illustrating this.
i saw these shoes eight months ago online,
as part of a limited blah blah blah collaboration.
gray ballistic nylon?
one month ago,
we walked through opening ceremony,
and tim walked up to me holding them,
and said
"these look like you".
i'm not sure if it was just him knowing me TOO well,
or a very materialistic universe
pushing my "see, you have to WAIT for the good stuff, and it WILL come to YOU."
and recently, working with bradley garlock,
and insanely talented art director and set designer,
i passed along this picture as flower reference:
god bless him,
locked onto the white poppy.
obsessed about the white poppy,
discovered that they are killer rare and were out of season.
and said,
we just have to find a job to work on
that's when they're IN season.
we HAVE to use them somewhere."
i took that as a good career sign.

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