Monday, June 7, 2010

and now, back to our regularly scheduled programming:

so here's what's been going on since we last talked:
in an unexpected,
but nonetheless extremely timely,
i have started to get busy.
i landed a campaign from charlotte russe,
the women's clothing store that is in the middle of a relaunch
to come shoot their new denim line.
which meant new cameras,
new plans,
new lighting techniques,
and a day filled with stills and hd video,
that will launch them with a long form web film,
some commercials,
and a full print campaign.
it was heaven.
a call to film the launch for a new active line here in l.a.
called EA apparel,
a very chic team of kids with a new concept,
and that got the books busy.
tim on the road, a lot.
a spec commercial shoot for my reel,
using the talents of serena radaelli to explore new ways to shoot hair.
two days of intense,
learning-curve busting
hair heaven.
bits and pieces of a social life.
a car break in and bag theft on a shoot.
a realization of how much i am thankful for this past year
to hone the craft,
learn new things,
grow my portfolio,
solidify my creative partnerships . . .
and not care so much about the barney's bag and "stuff"
that got taken,
cause the rest is still here.
being busy helps the happy.
for the next few days,
bits of what i DID photograph or record:

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