Monday, June 14, 2010

BEHIND THE SCENES : learning hair perfection with serena radaelli -

sometimes you get to work with masters in their craft.
sometimes you're lucky enough to befriend them.
and sometimes, they share their talents with you,
simply because they decide you should know things.
i am lucky to have a friend,
who is like that.
she recently took me on a two day tour of the world of hair on film,
how to capture,
better light,
better move,
better . . . well, how to make it the hair
that we all want in our dreams.
yes, even me.
every set up was an art director's dream,
every detail attended to by my crack beauty team:

i call them "the lion the witch and the wardrobe"
because they make magic all the time,
and make me look like aslan.
our talent was alexandra pappadopolous,
a young student who has only been at this for about two months,
and whom i clicked with in a casting session.
quite the find.

please note, 
serena was always up with the talent or checking her work on the monitor.
the ringleader at work.
manacop and jo?
dashing in to save the day when summoned.
hugging the stairs.
in the end?
well, you can see a bit here,
but wait til you see the film . . .

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