Monday, October 18, 2010

on the fine art of relocation -

we have spent the past few weekends in sf,
finding a new place for tim to crash during the week.
as you can imagine, this led to much list making,
location debating,
and a very long,
very cranky (on my part),
saturday of driving all over the city looking at places.
here is tim in the big O,
mid way through the day.
please note that though we had already seen the place we ended up choosing,
(in fact it was the FIRST place we saw that day,
and i was ready to sign on the line, then and there),
is still chipper and happy.
two hundred and seventy places viewed down,
seven thousand more to go!
the place had to have laundry in the unit,
be a chic "crash pad" like one bedroom or studio,
be in a walkable neighborhood,
and be in relatively good shape.
even with a good budget,
this is not easy to find in sf.
in fact it is grueling.
(i mentioned we found the place, right?  first place?)
but we drove to every listing over every taqueria,
in every run down and over built,
modern and "vintage",
walk-up and elevatored 
building in the city.
craaaanky landis.
in the end, tim just drove us to the embarcadero,
and we sat and took in the sun and the scenery.

it was so odd to sit right below the cupid's bow,
looking out at the view that brought us to the west coast
not five years ago,
and changed everything.
we left chicago and our chosen family,
moved to a place where we knew almost no one,
and i would sit in my office at 2 folsom and watch the seasonless skies
roll over treasure island and that giant red arrow below me.
never knowing we would change so much from THERE.
and yes, he walked all day in those red wingtips.
but the view,
like the apartment we found,
was worth the effort,
and the change involved.
he is now in a new pied a terre,
walking distance to his office,
right above a whole foods,
with a private garden
and gated parking.
he loves it.
of course, i knew he would.
ok, i'm done.

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