Saturday, December 4, 2010

BUENOS AIRES : the return -

it's been awhile since i've been back,
i've missed the old girl.
just booked a great hair campaign,
so am down here for a few weeks doing my thing.
casting ridiculous models,
running around this "paris of the southern hemisphere"
looking for locations,
getting to know a fun new client,
and generally loving what i do.
first stop : the park hyatt / palacio duhau,
where you find the old, the new, and the views
mixing flawlessly.
perhaps my favorite hotel on this side of the globe:

then, a tour of the city,
where the grand and the modern mix as well,
feeling like a dream location scout,
some back-lot forgotten by america,
littered with european streets,
miami bodegas,
fendi stores,
and grand palisades,
one on top of the other:
even their graffitti seems set designed,
too lovely:
it pays homage to moi,
(i even forgive the mis-spellings, occasionally)
(here with rita leroux, my producer/road wife)

the food is ridonkculous.
some meat-like vegetables
(yes, tim, i am eating grilled sweet potatoes.  honestly.)
and some more meat.
i think i'll stay awhile.
it's the perfect . . .

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