Monday, December 20, 2010

wardrobe fittings, and the BOTTEGA VENETA dress that got away . . .

no secret,
one of my favorite parts of shooting
is when we get to the fittings.
it's like playing dress up with life size barbie dolls.
almost literally.
and i've learned from experience,
that when traveling to buenos aires,
it's often best when you have a vision to have your amazing stylist in the states
(cue : bic owen)
pull ALL the looks,
rent, borrow, buy, or steal,
and bring it with you.
cause they can't get THIS stuff
down there:

the driving gloves along in dove gray?
the dolce lace?
the vintage white?
the models were lucky i gave them a chance to put it on.
you put it all in the film planet "warehouse",
bring in the girls,
and get going.
high to low,
basic to full on
until you have a story,
told in clothes.

and it rocked.
you'll see most of it when the commercial releases,
but there is one dress
that "got away".
as sometimes happens,
in the middle of our location day a torrential monsoon 
came out of nowhere
(after the riot police.  and the protesters.  not making this up.)
and you lose three hours,
and one of your favorite shots / outfits.
it's just a dress . . . there's always another spot . . . but oh, what a dress this was.
bottega veneta fall 2010.
ex. quisite.
next time, b.v.,
next time.

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