Monday, February 14, 2011

In the thirties and forties, Hollywood referred to actors as “rug actors” (the ones who could do love scenes)” or “dust actors” (the ones who could shoot and fight). Don’t we all want a rug and dust man?

when looking for a partner in life,
i recommend the following traits, because in some ways, they are all that matter, they are all that really last :
1) someone more patient than you are, but mainly about the things that drive YOU crazy.
2) someone who makes you laugh.  but mainly at YOURSELF.
3) someone who can make you feel safe.  even from across the room.  or around the world.
4) someone who can hold you down when you struggle, and push you forward when you resist.
5) someone who says the things you can’t.
6) someone you can still surprise. just by being yourself.
7) someone who can’t count the years, because they seem to dissolve.
8) someone named timothy.
rug + dust, all the way.

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