Tuesday, March 8, 2011

GALLIANO'S GRACE : fashion loves it's devils, ignores it's demons, and elevates it's fallen -

model, muse, or maestro,
fashion's greatest personalities
are tragically it's most tormented,
it's most coddled,
and it's most, 
when push comes to shove,
it has driven countless talents to self-destruct
(mcqueen, galliano, decarnin),
to isolate themselves
(guiness, blow),
or to inflate themselves
(evangelista, campbell)
this is a cycle.
and no,
it makes little sense
to the outsider.
you can only hope that the younger talent in this industry
rise above.
or that the industry
intervenes earlier
and cleans up it's own
tragedies in waiting.
the loss is getting to be monumental.


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