Tuesday, December 13, 2011

BESOS - or, why the people you choose to keep in your life should be the ones that make you feel like THIS :

they can get a little "handsy" with each other,
but these people are the ones who believed in me,
or saw something in me i didn't see in myself,
and for the past three years
(3 YEARS!)
have worked tirelessly at my side.

this one random night out,
i looked around that table 
and saw
my "ladies in red",
my "bang",
my manacop,
and my man.
they've worked for free on jobs,
they've brought new ideas and new possibilities to the table,
they've kept my spirits up . . .
find your people, people.
in the end, they're the only reason we ever succeed,
but more importantly,
they're the only reason we're ever happy.
it never felt like labor with them,
which i think is the whole point,
and how i want to live the rest of this life.

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