Tuesday, December 6, 2011

welcome to WHITE WING COTTAGE : my mother's retreat in the mountains

jane smithers
(ma mere)
has always known how to create a home.
not just a space you life in,
a home.
she has owned catering companies,
and run design firms,
and raised lauren and i,
(someday, she'll be asked to give a TED lecture on that one . . .)
but whenever i enter a space she has touched,
i feel it.
White Wing Cottage,
the home she built in the blue ridge mountains
when she restarted her life in her fifties,
is one of the best.
set on the side of a mountain,
with a view of three ranges out the back,
it is warm, colorful, sedate, elegant, 
and the perfect space for her to return to after her travels
and set up her canvases.
i finally got back this thanksgiving,
and spent a few amazing days with she, my sister, and my brother (in-law, but really just brother).
i found out a few things the first day.
she has begun to paint figurative,
not just landscape.

amazing.  adore.
tim and i had started collecting bakelite bangles for her
YEARS ago,
not quite knowing how they'd explode as a collectible.
and seeing them in her home,
they have been well loved,
not "collected"

and finally,
i remembered how nice it is
to put your feet up by the fire
with your mother
and just be.


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