Wednesday, December 5, 2007


even if i'm only there, on the ground for like thirty hours total, trying to get the whole spring campaign in front of the president while she's touring stores or having dinner with nelson mandela at the u.n. or something (true story. hilarious.) and she can only meet you at seven a.m. in the lobby of the royalton which is like 4 a.m. your body clock time cause you've just flown in the day before to meet with mtv (true story. hilarious.) and you're just barely able to grab lunch with sara and walk briskly around the block in the meatpacking.

cause it's december light in manhattan on the spires of the buildings from your hotel window, kids. that makes the whole thing worth it.

oh yeah, and cause richard and sara always send you such stunning flowers so when you walk into your hotel room it smells like roses and the clean, slightly evil smell of cadmium green orchids.

sure, you end up back home dead tired and frantically packing for the next trip (did i mention the whole argentina thing? true story. HI-larious.).

but you saw new york in the winter!


editor said...

omgd, i feel vicarious exhaustion just reading about that. and i am a bit tired myself.
well, kind of a drag that you were so rushed, but it sounds like you're about to take us off on a whole other adventure. let me grab my tooth brush.

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

I LOVE New York in winter. We usually spend our Christmas there but have opted for Argentina this year.

Saw this clip and thought of you.

Anonymous said...

Next time stop by the South for the winter. I'll meet you in the meatpacking district (aka Perdue Chicken house) for lunch. I'll even send flowers to your Motel 6 room. That's the kind of good time we'll show you here!

Beau RN said...

And had more style then most New Yorkers while you were at it. Strong work.

TravelGretta said...

Dear Nanook,

You look DARLING! And I adore NYC - even in winter, when it's 14 degrees outside.

landis smithers said...

so, funny thing is:

editor: yep. off on another adventure starting next week!

inart fumble: the adventure is IN ARGENTINA. for a month. where are YOU going?

suze: honey, i have no doubt you rock the hospitality right.

beau: ya make me blush. but thank you.

travG: i KNEW you'd get nyc in 14 degrees.

Whiskeymarie said...

I'M going to Argentina for christmas too!!!!!!!!!
Okay, no I'm not. I just wanted to be part of the "club".