Friday, December 7, 2007

stars in your eyes - old navy holiday commercial #2

the song used in "gifts that pamper",
(for every poster on youtube who can't read the post RIGHT ABOVE THEM)
"stars" by the weepies.

also, because i believe in homework,
and the fact that everyone should be reading my blog religiously
(and by that i do not mean in the way my mother used to "religiously" go to church
on easter and christmas. love you, mom!)
that info was also shared here:

just sayin.

and oh yeah. the puppies in the spots this holiday are rescue pit bull pups. like grr and avec.
read up, peeps. do the homework. stick with me. . .


Anonymous said...


I just wanted to say I think it's so awesome Old Navy is using my favorite breed in their commercials. You have no idea how much the American Pit Bull Terrier community appreciates it, and just how many people are going to shop at ON because of it.

Your dogs are both stunning, thank you for rescuing them and doing your homework. But most of all thank you for having the courage to put them in the POSITIVE lime light, that they are so deserving of.

I have always loved ON but seeing that mushy blue baby pit bull in the commercial makes shopping there all that more fun!

Michael said...

New year, new baby, new music.....I just read on The Weepies blog that they have new music coming out in January, to go with their new baby. They're a couple!

Thanks again, liebchen.

Anonymous said...

Damn, a little warning next time when there will be a quiz huh?

glamour girly said...

awww, cute commercial. I just went to Old Navy and bought the cutest suede boots at a total steal - $17! And I got a gorgeous winter white coat for half-off - about $40!!! I am EXCITED. Go Old Navy!

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

Good Lord...

I've never wanted to be an African American baby in my life.


Anonymous said...

i love the commercial, love the models and the baby is absolutely the most beautiful and looks great on camera..what a cutie pie

sc pit lover said...

bless u for having the guts to use those beautiful pit pups in the ON commercial. i knew the moment i saw it on tv, those were pits. i wish everyone would just understand, it's about how one raises these canines, they are not all vicious. my two are the most spoiled creatures on the planet. love ya