Sunday, April 20, 2008

blue water grill, basil expositions, and dessert detente -

deep cup, sweet taste, tender meat?

i'm THERE.

right in the heart of yaletown in vancouver, this little seafood establishment became a bit of a favorite for us. because of the artful arrangement of oysters? perhaps.

because of the random collection of personalities we all were? probably.

because of the tower of seafood that magically appeared at each meal,
covering sushi to octopus salad to oysters to crab?

well, yes.

my main reason? this. the basil exposition:

you've heard of "bathtub gin",
well this is my version.
i would BATHE in this stuff if i could.

seems to have had the same effect on everyone else.

we only had one type of conflict all night, anytime we went:

the faceoff . . .

over who got what on the dessert platter.


editor said...

wow, trippy yellow accents throughout. love yellow.

Carrie D said... is it you stay skinny? ;)

Michael said...

I've been visiting Vancouver and skiing at Whistler for the past five years. Still, reading your posts is like seeing a whole other city. You and I move in very different circles, Landis Smithers!

Iheartfashion said...

LOVE your yellow hoodie!