Saturday, April 19, 2008


that's right. you heard me. komakino.

ground below zero. temple guard dog. extreme edge.


sara found out about this place, and led us through gastown to a gallery.
and through the gallery to a stairwell
leading down
to one of the best edited stores for men i've ever seen.
gold walls with black and white "lookbook" shots for everyone from
raf simons to ric owens to kiminori morishito:

the owner's frenchie actually sits in the sun UNTIL customers go downstairs, then he follows.

the latest looks are taped elegantly (you heard me, don't question my choice of wording.)
to the walls across from the racks:

some of us made quite an impression:

some of us barely made it out alive:

(hopefully this offsets some of the more serious posts of recent weeks. i know there were some requests for "more fashion/handbag/porn", less "introspective rambling". though that will return as well.)


editor said...

even if i were (more) interested in men's fashion, that dog would still distract me. adorable.
and still more yellow.

Whiskeymarie said...

I like the fashion/handbag porn as well as the introspective rambling...

That dog is so cute I could eat him up.