Wednesday, April 16, 2008

vancouver. you know, up north-ish -

ah, the crisp, refreshing air of the pacific northwest,
home to lumberjacks, and mounties,
and assorted other flannel clad masculine stereotypes that i keep waiting to run into up here, but am not.

cruel pacific northwest.

as you can tell, the air is clean, the mountainsides snow-capped and, you know,
and all is still on the brink of spring.

we have decided to take advantage of the weather and the scenery to do several
nature hikes in the region:

connie has been doing a very very good job of collecting local specimens,
she has been particularly focused on categorizing the fauna from the flora.

i love this shot. it's so representative of the locals' love of the great outdoors,
and the essential joie de vivre all vancouverians have.

or something.

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Michael said...

Mmmm, love Vancouver. I was there a few weeks ago skiing at Whistler.

It's what I need.

If you're a breakfast guy, and you don't mind a few calories, go to Sophie's Cosmic Cafe on Fourth Avenue and get Jimmy's Greek Omelette. Sweet merciful Zeus, it's good. And the place is kitchy, kitchy coo.

PS Koren Greiveson, head chef of Avec, is the guest judge on Top Chef tonight.