Monday, May 12, 2008


this photo . . . flawless.
their marriage? must be pretty close to that as well,
together as long as they have been, in the industry they are in . . . a testament.

so while everything about this moment (her headscarf, the swimsuit pattern, the dog (!), his buddha necklace) is hypnotic in it's language of aspiration (this is our moment, this is our life, this is our statement), it's the reality that has endured that is the real inspiration.


The Guv'ner said...

Let's not forget Paul makes exceedingly good lemonade and pasta sauce! YUP! :)

Great photo.

Stacy said...

sing it again brother!

up and down town said...

this picture is hypnotizing me.

Michael said...

It makes my throat tight.

moi said...

Goodness, they're beautiful. I once watched an interview with them in which they were asked the secret to their marriage's longevity. Paul said something along the lines of how in this society we tend to throw so many perfectly good things away. So instead of doing that with their marriage, they just recycled each other over and over. I love that.

TravelGretta said...

They are my benchmark.

Whiskeymarie said...

Damn, I forget how hot that man was.

I've never seen this photo before- it really is perfect.