Thursday, May 15, 2008

that's what landis said (trois) -

I would rather not be the good example.
I would rather be the exception.

i think it's pretty self-explanatory. the world has plenty of people ready to step up and raise their hands about how good they are. about how straight and narrow, or right down the middle, or pristinely green, they might be. plenty of people ready to be held up as an example, to compare and contrast.


i think the world needs more contradictions. more gray areas. more less extremes. and more happy inconclusions.

does any one else feel like it's one side or the other? black or white? britney or miley?

i just want to live in the happy real world, where you can be born a republican, become a democrat, and still not think mccain is the devil. or that obama is god.

i want to, maybe, let it be known that it's ok
to not land
on either

or plant one foot squarely on either side,
and just be.


Anonymous said...

I mix it up. Take some risks. I straddle both sides. And now that came out all wrong!!

editor said...

you have some of the best eyebrows, ever.

b-b-bbbsshhhrrrrrrrrrrr (that's the sound of me mixing it up). :D

TravelGretta said...

I think Britney & Miley are equally annoying.

Beau RN said...

Welcome to my Gemini, big guy. Gray is gorgeous.