Sunday, June 1, 2008

landis smithers is a fruit -

no, OFFICIALLY, i am:

tomatoes are actually classified as fruit because they bear their seeds on the inside,
and susan and diane just sent this to me as proof of my growing celebrity.
let's call it "burgeoning" celebrity.
i like that word.

i also like the fact that apparently i was once known as "frost resistant"

cause i'm spicy like that.

that's right.


editor said...

congratulations. i knew you had it in you.
seeds on the inside - if that's the criteria for a fruit though... where does a squash fall?

Anonymous said...

Ha, I knew I recognized you, my little spicy tomato. "Originated in PA."

BTW, can you whip me up some salsa?

TravelGretta said...

Oh honey, those heirlooms are TASTY too!