Thursday, June 5, 2008

self restraint is mutilation -

in an effort to be more fiscally responsible,
i have made a concerted effort to NOT purchase things the minute i see them.

this is hard.

this is hard because when my little eye spies an item,
it tends to spark to the inner editor,
and if it fits,
is something i will truly wallow in.

wallow in the happy puppy in a field of clover kind of way.

wallow in a disney heroine finally overcoming some insurmountable obstacle and bursting into song kind of way.

wallow in a texas cheerleader having just succesfully knocked off her rival by running her over with her new bmw m3 kind of way.

so imagine how the cheerleader/puppy in me is sad when it goes home empty handed.
not fair.

when in los angeles with todd, i resisted the urge, even though he was there the whole time going "oh, landis, you'd totally wear that. now try this on."

i resisted :

the "it" shoe of the season, the ysl painted laceless.


the piped thom browne for brooks brothers blazer (in size 0)

a simple gray suit. also t.b. for b.b.

a basic trench coat. piped in grosgrain. also by t.b. for b.b.

a tee shirt.

i'm even resisting "basics", people. i swear, i'm a monk.


Carrie D said...

Who are you & what have you done with my Landis?

Michael said...

Landis Smithers, ascetic.

Stranger things have happened!

Well, actually not.

TravelGretta said...

The YSL shoes? Now I'M a sad puppy!

And they make men's suits in size 0? Is that part of the whole manorexia phenomenon?

editor said...

okay, i get the restraint thing. i totally see how waiting a bit, and not buying the second you feel the love, is a valuable exercise. but are you exercising caution to avoid remorse, or are you participating in absolute denial? denial leads to deranged shopping binges. you've been warned.

editor said...

ps, doesn't it totally suck sometimes to have taste that you love? people who aren't passionate about things, or don't really know what they like/need/want have it easy. they look awful, but they have it easy.

landis smithers said...

oh. my. god.
editor, you just said OUT LOUD what i think in my head EVERY DAY.


and i'm in denial. you know, egypt and all . . .

editor said...

*sigh* (and nodding)

-h of candid cool said...

Nix the Prada tee and just spring for the painted YSLs and the Trench.