Saturday, May 10, 2008

that's what landis said (deux) -

In the end it is not the object,
but the edit,
that makes one stylish.

i know that i will have friends who disagree with me on this one, but here's the gist of the idea: money does not equal taste. you can learn about style, but you can only be born with an "eye". beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we all get drunk every once in awhile and wake up with something that makes us cringe a little inside.

you know, like a gift card to mervyn's. eeeerrrrgggghhh.

in other words, it's how you put it together that makes it work.

so no matter the trend, the "it" factor, the color du jour, resist. think. personalize. and i'm learning, it's all about joy.

when tim and i met, our decorating styles were very different. he was very "blade runner" (white walls, pale wood. single green apple on the mantle.). i, on the other hand, was completely "dangerous liaisons" (colored walls, velvet sofas, gilt frames.)

i know, picture of bliss, right?

over time, we started buying things together. after i got over the freak out of the fact that HIS cd's were touching MY cd's. (true story. charming.) and we only bought:

1) art that was signed. (no posters from the corner store. nothing that might come from a dorm room. no nagel.)

2) furniture that we BOTH loved. that became mid century french modern. california fifties design. fornasetti plates. chicago at that time was an amazing time for these finds, and as he opened up to color and objects, i learned about lines and less.

and while we didn't mind what matched or didn't, in the end, that joy allowed it all to work together.

what i think i'm saying, my little cyan and marigold this season friends, is only follow what you love. not what you're told to love. because if it makes your eye tingle and your heart beat a little faster, isn't that what really makes the globe a little more liveable.

so. dont object. be stylish. by being choosy.


Whiskeymarie said...

The older I get, the choosier I get about my style, both on my back and in my home. Right now I'm going through a "purging" phase where I just want everything GONE and to start with a clean slate.
Luckily, when it comes to the house, my Mr. pretty much lets me take charge.

I've never thought style was about money- hell, half of Hollywood proves that on a regular basis. I've always subscribed to the "fashion is where you find it" mentality and I think it has served me well. True, I've made a few (lot of) mistakes, but I will never be accused of being boring or "safe" when it comes to style.

I can live with that.

TravelGretta said...

Fabulous post babydoll. And I will be cackling about the Mervyn's gift card for the next hour.

Michael said...

Speaking of buying, you're shaming me into a new tv just so I can see the new Old Navy commercial in its entirety. It's all cut off! Yes, I still have a square television.

Quit staring.

Alice Olive said...

Great post. I'm becoming more minimalist at home which is really only natural as that's how I dress as well. Yes, choosing is important.