Monday, May 5, 2008

a tone poem to new york, in the spring -

the skies seem to have opened up on the east coast this year, first :

and the buildings of the greatest city began to shed their winter skins,
to rummage for their true grandeur and alert their guardians that yes,
this was spring, at last:

flowers are appearing:

thankfully, not all of them are printed, some are real:

art makes its seasonal reappearance:

and everyone starts to open their eyes:

the grafitti changes it's colors (how considerate!):

and shoes shed their winter husks at louboutin,
to better tempt their prey:

but, maybe, i'm just seeing things through rose colored glasses:


Michael said...

You squealed when you saw those flowers, didn't you?

Stacy said...

love the glasses... oh and the poem? it was alright too!

great post.