Thursday, June 12, 2008

L.A. weekend - the mtv movie awards

the pussycat dolls.
good friends.

and we were ALL dressed up.


editor said...

oh there they are... my sneakers. *love*

editor said...

STOP, WAIT, HOLD EVERYTHING. i just enlarged the pic (wanted to see the shoes some more of course), and is that blazer sleeve elbow-length??!!??
more details on that blazer NOW.

landis smithers said...

caught me.

ok, long story. i saw a dior homme blazer cut slim and to elbow length and LOVED it, but just couldn't bring myself to part with the THREE THOUSAND dollars needed to make it part of my life.

then i found the three hundred dollar j. lindberg jacket, lopped the sleeves off, and tailored it tight.

and i love it.

that is my version of "frugal".

editor said...

well thank you! thank you for making menswear interesting again. you not only made that style look entirely accessible, you literally made it accessible! brilliant. i am totally thrilled with this story. and i will tell you, it looks like a THREE THOUSAND dollar jacket on you!

my version of frugal - i'm toying with cutting my hair myself (again. used to do it, back in the day). why waste clothing money on hair? and with hair, even if it's ... irregular (which i'd be going for anyway), i put on some red lipstick and who notices the hair!? - if you can't tell, i'm trying to talk myself into this ;)

back to the jacket - love love love it.

Iheartfashion said...

GREAT jacket.
And I want both your shoes!