Tuesday, July 22, 2008

torrid nights at the Chateau de Villars -

the evenings at the chateau
were extended events,
the skies didn't even hit this depth until ten thirty at night. . .

sometimes tim and i left the chateau and wandered the town at dusk,
shutters all closed,
fields silent except for the roar of crickets and the wind . . .

the second night,
mom, lauren and tim cooked dinner for everyone.
there were steamed mussels,
goat cheese, cherry tomato, and chicken cold pasta,
and nectarine and cherry tarts.

let's all just acknowledge that the only reason i am in this photo
is that they needed something red to balance out the shot. . .

they served dinner on the back terrace . . .

i think kevin was catching on to mom at that point . . .

sometimes we just watched dusk take the fields:

sometimes we left to walk the river before dark:

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Gretta said...

This is like a modern version of "A Room With A View"! Except in France! And I hate the Stop sign. That is one of my favorite things to photograph in foreign countries and it should say Arret or something like that. Dammit.