Tuesday, July 22, 2008

wandering Villars, drifting by the pool -

the first full day at villars?
well, first we wake, take breakfast together, then head out,
clutching at our caffeine of choice,
down the white gravel drive, to see the village . . .

taking time to stop and ponder the local vegetable gardens . . .

and debate what the hell the vegetables they were growing were.
vegetables! in their natural habitat!

sadly, we found that even the french have trouble with french.
apparently, they all use "stop" for their stop signs.
why did i find this disturbing?

course, their DOORS are cooler than any building we do here,
so i guess i can let it go.

back to the chateau. why?

yes, pool time.

the smell of lavender and the buzz of bumblebees at the edge of the meadow
that lapped up to the pool.

everyone fell into the gentle lull of the afternoon.


Serg Riva said...

Love your blog.


Michael said...

Even though I'm just a prole sitting at my workspace, I feel more relaxed now.

Whiskeymarie said...

I'm lighting my Aveda organic lavender candle tonight and pretending I'm in France, just for you.

karla said...

is that you in the red polo? Love men in polos! linking you now!

Jim said...

Loving the photos. Hating you. So. Jealous. Can't. See. Straight...

Aw, that the hell. I'm happy for you as well.