Monday, September 8, 2008

iphone detritus -

it's amazing what you find when you're clearing out the photos on your iphone.

love letters from tim:

goofy eyed grr with green bone:

a black prada dress from two seasons ago, for inspiration, for evelyn:

the home around the corner you'd like to live in:

the "only in the gay neighborhood" grafitti:

the rooftop pool of the london, west hollywood:

the eighteen thousand dollar sofa you lust for,
but put in the category of "things to work hard for/someday/maybe if you win "america's got talent":

the poster in M.A.C. in hayes valley
that you keep resisting tearing down to take home as you walk out:

shoe shopping with tim:

and then you realize,
these are the semaphores of your existence.

1 comment:

designerman said...

god prada really does know how to make a dress. i would keep that on you phone...