Wednesday, September 10, 2008

sara fisher and signs from the universe -

sara fisher comes back from her trip to iceland,
where she rode horses across landscapes that look like something
you made up
in your childhood:

you stumble across the horse series that steven klein shot:

and you think:
the universe is sending me a sign.

what is it?

i know.  i need a HORSE!

no, wait.

help, what does the sign mean??


Jim said...

Far simpler than a whole horse, you just need some equestian accesorries!

designerman said...

and i lived in iceland as a kid...what does it all mean?!

Whiskeymarie said...

You could compromise and get one of those tiny ponies. They can't be any bigger than Avec or Grr- they could all be friends!

editor said...

that landscape is unreal!

FishermansDaughter said...


everyone needs a horse.

Just sayin.