Tuesday, September 30, 2008

pretty girls, all in a row (anne hathaway) -

a post in  homage to the girls
who sometimes
get it
SO right.

ms. anne hathaway :


impractical, effervescent, and perfect

that is a gown.

now go get yourself one.  you deserve it.


editor said...

i do. i really do.

Sara said...

I love this dress. I'm sure it was hell dealing with it after her walk on the red carpet, but she looks amazing, strong and lovely in it. That dress makes me wish my life had red carpets in it.

Gretta said...

This was specTACULAR! And, naturally, criticized by the mainstream media.

Did you know Rachel Zoe styles her? Are you watching RZP on Bravo? Can't get enough of that!!!

Stacy said...

yes please!

Whiskeymarie said...

O.k, I took your advice and bought this, but it keeps getting caught on my kitchen clogs.
And, on a related note- do you think this fabric is flame-retardant?

landis smithers said...

oh whiskey, my love,
you mustn't COOK in this,
you must make the mr. serve you.

i assume that's why you need flame retardancy.

of course, i could be wrong . . .