Friday, October 3, 2008

"MOON" smithers, a true story -

so, this was on televisions worldwide the morning i was born.

pre-empting, of course,
the inevitable coverage of my arrival,
much to my mother's, my grandmother's, and my chagrin.

july 20, 1969
the day the first men landed on the moon.

the same day my grandfather,
eager and helpful,
a huge frank herbert and isaak asimov fanatic,
semi-insisted that i be named

my mother was a "red wine/gin and tonic" girl in the sixties,
not a "hemp/weed" girl,
more jackie O than peggy lipton.

gregory LANDIS smithers
(i dropped the gregory when i was 19 and interned with three other "greg"s).

but you can feel free to moon me anytime.

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