Friday, October 10, 2008

the glory of a mid-fall sixty seven degree day in san francisco -

while it may be dipping to snow territory in chicago,
and new yorkers get to break out their fall raiment,
we here in san francisco,
we get to walk the dogs in short sleeves.

'cause it's STILL sixty five degrees and sunny.  every day. 


☼ ♥ Dog Mom ♥ ☼ said...

You guys fight the Scary Pit Bull / bad guy owner sterotypes every day! I LOVE IT!

It will snow here tonight (already snowing nearby) I am seriously jealous of you.

editor said...

love that patch of yellow in the first picture. and the second.
yellow goes so well with avec, the ultimate grey.

ps enjoying some beautiful blazer weather at the moment!

Jenna said...

FYI The high here in Chicago today was 82, so we are no where near snow. I'm sure by the end of this month I will envy you, but not yet!

editor said...

hey, i just noticed that grrr is sitting on a yellow spot in the last picture. yellow everywhere.