Monday, October 13, 2008

i endorse and adore : evelyn lee

more adore than anything.

i've worked with her.  i've traveled with her (remind me to tell you about the time i nearly stayed on the plane after they cleared it out because is was hopped up on anti-anxiety meds and she strolled by and yanked the barney's catalog out of my hand, hauled me into the terminal, and fed me).  eaten out with her, laughed with her, held her hand in hard times and kicked her under the table more times than i can count.

when susan wayne told me she wanted me to meet evelyn lee for a position in the department,
i could never predict that the beautiful woman in the tapestry coat and HIGH heels who came through my office door would turn into one of the strongest allies and biggest supporters of my career.

eating out at water bar this past week, i kept looking out of the water,
at the view we used to share at 2 folsom,

and thought that we are gifted certain people in our lives,

people like evelyn who are graceful under pressure,
amazing leaders,
keen eyes of talent,
yet built with a keen distaste for politics.

people who are laughter and beauty and maturity
during times when those three things are undervalued in our world.

and we need to be aware of the times that someone crosses over from "friend",

to "family".

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Slimmane said...

The pants tim is wearing, are the new Dockers? They look like the last ones i purchased from that label.

I too love his jacket Which brand is it?