Tuesday, October 14, 2008

it's a high-rise life -

not so "hard knock"
if you could ever afford to live in one of these manhattan beauties,
either in construction, or about to be:

i'm already living there.
in my head.

it's like my earlier tenerife posting,
but in soho.

or this amazing feat, started in midtown,
which will cantilever into the adjoining buildings' air space
to provide views of the park to the upper level apartments:

or my favorite,
by herzog and demueron,
boxes of glass stacked randomly in tribeca:

with an anish kapoor sculpture integrated into the building's lobby:

night night.
i'm home:


Stacy said...

i'm in love.

LegalMist said...

awesome designs... and an incentive to keep the house neat, so the mess won't be on display to the whole city!

Slimmane said...

Love esp. the 3rd photo (up to down) bathroom seems to be outside on the terrace. And the anish kapoon sculpture is lovely.

You should check a-cero.com. They are local architechts and i think you'd like their work.

editor said...

they're beautiful creations. i like to look at them, but wouldn't live in one by choice.