Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the blogworld collides : meeting jim at his holiday wonderland

to quote disney:
it's a small world after all.

upon moving to los angeles,
i reached out to old friends,
production friends,
and for the first time,
BLOG friends.

or, as gretchen calls them:

jim, of jim's notes,
has been a frequent commenter,
a regular source of good laughs,
and an excellent cook . . . on his blog.

so, when he invited tim and i to his home for a holiday party,
we had to go and see the blogworld,
made real.

needless to say, the house was a riot of lights and color,
and jim?

riot of lights and color.
actually a killer host, kept handing out these drinks called "snowballs"
(stop laughing)
which you can find the recipe for on his blog.

it was a really nice gift,
making the virtual into the real.

merry xmas, blog world.  it's been a good year!


Jim said...

It's funny because Lyle has hi own word for "friends" from the blog land, he calls them my imaginary friends.

Imagine his shock when a living breathing person showed up!

How funny is that, a photo of Tim on the toilet in my Hollywood Bathroom!
(pants up, thankfully)

Rachel said...

Heh! That's a good pic of the Hollywood Bathroom!

CCC said...

I love the silver tree in the pink bathroom! How effing cool is that!?

You were under the weather the whole time I was out there, poor baby (I cked your facebook every am). And I didn't want to summon you to a bar for imbibing under those circumstances.

Next time.