Friday, December 26, 2008

gifts beyond reason, given freely and without judgement or expectation -

to say that tim and i are generous with each other throughout the year
is to downplay the rather celebratory way that he has taught me to live life.

we gift each other things as varied as stargazer lilies and cupcakes to trips and designer clothing;
we recognize that our hard work bring with it advantages,
and we take them,
share them,
and spread them around as much as we can.

so christmas is not a denoument for us,
so much as a chance to slow,
and thank our little family for the other presents the year has given us.

because grr and avec bring us things that are harder to quantify.
unexpected compassion.
insistent good spirits.
unquestioning belief in our goodness.
persistent need for our attention.
steady breath at night.
sneak attack kisses.
caroling of barks upon arrival.

they give what we should to each other, and to one another.

unquestioning belief
in the goodness of man.

happy holidays, little ones.

and thank you for the gifts you bring.


up and down town said...

whoa, i was not prepared for the newness.
i love the grey, of course.

Nigel, Sola and Co. said...

Happy holidays to you and your furkid!

Brooksie said...

HI Guys,
Very Sweet. Happy Holidays to you both, you four.
Looking forward to getting a bite.
You've inspired me and I'm learning to blog.

Iheartfashion said...

Happy Holidays to the four of you!

ThePerfectDog said...

Your dogs are beautiful!