Wednesday, December 31, 2008

evelyn lee brings wonder to our lives, again.

evie and i were google chatting last week,
pensive over the hard 08 we are just about done with,
and sending each other music via itunes,
when she dropped this little gem into the chat.

a fragment of a poem by rumi,
the indian poet:

you've flapped and fluttered against limits long enough
you've been a bird without wings
in a house without doors or windows
compassion builds a door
courage cuts a key
step off into the air
like a baby hawk
strut proudly into the sunlight
not looking back
take sips of this pure wine being poured
don't mind if you've been given a dirty cup
it's nothing.

so this is my re-gifting for the year.
i leave you with that perfect suspended thought,
so you can find your way
and cut your key.


justme said...

I love this. Thank you for your daily bits, i can't tell you how much i appreciate reading them

Sandy Pearson said...

What a perfect thought on which to end the year. Thank you for sharing it!