Thursday, January 1, 2009


if 2008 has taught me anything,
it is that with trauma,
with change,
comes great reward.

you have one key element.

the ability to push through.  to keep going.  and to not accept anything
as inevitable.

winston churchill has one of my favorite quotes of all time
that sums up this philosophy.
during world war 2, he was asked how he kept his spirits up,
how he kept fighting when things seemed bleakest.

and he said:

"when you find yourself going through hell,
keep going."

so simple. 

so in this year, as i figure out where my career goes, and where life takes me, i'm comfortable with the following facts.  i will make mistakes.  i will not win every battle.  i will struggle with change. 

but now more than at any point in my life (drum roll, fanfare, etc.) i can feel confident that whatever happens, i'm going to be fine.  because i am fully, impactfully, disturbingly, myself.

whatever that means.  :)

i'm actually ridiculously optimistic right now.  but for all of you out there who've just survived '08 . . . i imagine you can relate to the concept.

so here's to you, my blog friends.

open your eyes this new morning,
and resolve to keep going.

i can feel the change in the air,
and it's so much more rewarding to change


CCC said...

great the quote. thanx!

Iheartfashion said...

Good advice!

designerman said...

that was lovely. inspiring and true. happy new year!

Mr. Peacock said...

Fantastic....thank you!