Thursday, December 4, 2008

ON THE MENU - something wistful, something sunny, something with tequila, something with lobster -

wakin up after saying goodbye.

so much sun for a san francisco morning. . .

a quiet morning.

we paid attention to the signs.

we stopped.

just to take in the city.

then, down to the mission . . .

to the "last temptation" at foreign cinema,
and a little tartare to start the day . . .

the delicate wasabi infused roe on top,
the creamy avocado base with diced cucumber,
could only be followed by the chicory caesar . . .

freshly shaved pecorino,
sharp and concise,
led to the lobster frittata,
with cubed new potatoes . . .

and the muscovy duck breast salad with poached eggs . . .

the tiny flourished of taste
on our last official meal in san francisco,
seemed to simply sing.

we packed up,
held hands,
and headed


The Guv'ner said...

You naughty boy. Now I'm STARVING!

I love San Francisco. So vibrant! But here's to your new LA haven in the sun! :) Hmmm palm trees.

stacy said...

those salads look delish!

i'm also digging tim's longer hair.