Tuesday, December 2, 2008

why we moved to los angeles. i mean "west hollywood". i guess there is a difference, though no one here seems to know what it is. lord, the gays and their neighborhoods. there. that is the longest headline i have ever had on a post.

i'll try to explain this the way we told the dogs.

'cause you're sensitive to change,
like they are.

why?  what did you think i meant?

hey.  our dogs are freakin' SMART.

take it back.

no, i mean it.

see, you're taking the news about our moving EXACTLY THE WAY GRR DID:

grr does NOT like change.  at all.

avec is not much better:

it's nothing against san francisco.

it was just time.  for change.  if you're going to embrace change, you gotta grab it with both arms, dig deep, swing wide, quote cliches as you hold your breath and jump.

so, we moved to los angeles two weeks ago.  which means while i type this i am halfway through a pile of boxes, digging out treasures we had in storage from two houses ago, stretching out into a new space painted a color called "stormy skies" (oddly derivative of the past few years), watching grr and avec sniff their way around a bamboo garden.

i'll post pics of that stuff soon.   wait, here's "stormy skies":

(yeah.  ok.  i have no idea what i was posing like that for.)

but once the thing with supply and demand happened, and tim completed some major projects for gap inc., and we looked around the city where we had buried ourselves for four years, i realized i would be traveling like mad with a new career, and los angeles just seemed . . . right.

it's how we ended up near the big chicken head.

we're around the corner from this place.
they have pink lemonade.
you can eat outside year round.

yeah, yeah, it's west hollywood.
it's the gay ghetto.  again.
we can't escape it.  our people are good at the neighborhood concept.

location location location, and amenities.  and all so nicely done.

so we bought some appliances.  look, shiny:

i'm not exactly SURE what they DO,
but i liked how SHINY they were.

i think one makes gold out of flax.

and i have decided to actually buy real bookcases, and upholster all the very good vintage finds that we have always meant to re-upholster, but then avec ate them, so we waited.  hence, lots of fabric swatches:

so i'm going to hop around a bit chronologically,
but you have the big picture now.

come see us.

we have guest rooms here in the city of angels.


Sara said...

Congrats on the move! How exciting! Unpacking is usually more fun than packing and it looks like you are having lots of fun settling in. I'm sure grr and avec will grow to love it, too.

CCC said...

I'll be landing 12/21, lax. Be sure to visit Video Active (my brother's store) on Hyperion. He's very gay, btw.

Lots of stuff "in the back" of the store.

You like-y.

stacy said...

wow! i feel like you just moved?

how do you do it? oh, i forgot - tim did it.

all the best in LA.

Iheartfashion said...

Nice place!
I love your shiny shiny machines.

Jim said...

Ooooooo.... Shiny=pretty.

up and down town said...

i am glad i missed all the suspense! i HATE suspense.
settling in okay?

Whiskeymarie said...

Man, I've missed a LOT here.

I love how you make moving sound so effortless...
I don't remember it being quite like that last time I moved. I remember a lot of swearing and proclaiming that I will have to die in my house as I never, ever want to have to move again.

But, I'm excited for you- change is a good thing.

Whiskeymarie said...

Oh, and to clear up the confusion-
The first shiny thing is where you store the wine and cheese, the second one is where you wash the wine and cheese off of your fancy pants.