Friday, December 12, 2008

a quick visual review of BLACKMAN CRUZ, the finest store in los angeles :

little story first.  when i was just out of college, on my first shoot ever, i wandered into the blackman cruz showroom on la cienega.  adam blackman, one of the founders, let me look at, sit in, and touch everything i wanted to, never hassled me, told me stories about everything.  when i picked out a table, and realized i couldn't afford the shipping back to chicago, he smiled, and told me i shouldn't worry about it.  i was meant to have the table, i would have the table.

perhaps this bit of random kindness lingers with me to this day, perhaps i just like free shipping, but blackman cruz remains a place of wonder for me, a place of imagination, a place where i feel comfortable even as i feel elated.  adam still walks the floor, still smiles and tells me stories, and i still imagine a life where my home is filled with their vision.

filled with:

stone sphinxes

samurai marionettes

antique optical lenses

worn limestone busts

hanging leather pod chairs beside cast glass tables.  mastadon skull on back wall.

cast bronze lamps and studded leather books.

forties lamps on biedermeir tables.

cast bronze bases under travertine dining tables

maybe if i just sit here long enough,
adam will wrap it ALL up and send it my way . . .


Imnotbenny said...

I am totally digging the hanging leather chair and mastatdon skull on the wall. I need to see more stuff like this, to osmotically get some taste. I am taste neutral. I don't have bad taste, I think, nor good taste - judging from my bland surroundings - I just suffer from taste flatline.

Iheartfashion said...

I must have that hanging leather chair. And the samurai marionette. Very cool.