Wednesday, December 10, 2008

timothy michael thaddeus francis johnson's birthday : ruminations on angels, hollywood views, and hot dogs.

so i know that everyone thinks our life revolves around food and shopping.

and they're right.

there, i said it.  somehow the combination of food and shopping has given us:
joyous nights out,
amazing travel stories,
tons of new friends,
reconnections with family,
and rather full lives.

so, tim's birthday happened mid-transition down here, and we decided to break the mold a bit.

we shopped AFTER we ate.

first stop, a perennial los angeles favorite,
where tim gets his salmon pastrami reuben sandwich,
and we contemplate the hollywood sign
while sitting on the roof barney's in beverley hills,
the greengrass cafe:

now tim's brother may chastise him for the gray that has crept into his hair,
but personally,
tim's developing this craig meets clooney thing that i kinda adore.

plus, he still puts up with my need to pose with store displays:

and then, a drive cross town to the new location of blackman cruz.
i'll post more on this in a seperate post.  but it's beyond my favorite store in america:

the walking the dogs,
then off to a very special dinner.
see, i told tim we were going to a place that served his favorite food in the world.

any guesses?

that's right.

a condiment.

the man loves ketchup more than anything else in the world food-wise.  it's sick. 
when we first met, i could almost not get him to put down the bottle.

until i started wearing low-cut things to dinner.  but i digress.

it's not the best food in l.a.
but this place may have the most FUN food in l.a.

five types of ketchup.  with three types of fries.
i was lost.
he was in heaven.

there is a lot of small food.  all ketchup based:

(must admit: chili puppy dogs were amazing.)

it was, as we like, a FUN birthday.


Jim said...

I believe 8 oz on Melrose (just west of Stanley) makes all their condiments on the premise. Including their ketchup.

Iheartfashion said...

My son is a ketchup fanatic, so much so that we had to carry a bottle of Heinz to Paris so we could bring our own to restaurants. Not appreciated by the French.