Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a day with dad . . . shopping style.

it's fairly safe to say that my father and i have different takes on life.

that's ok.  we have always loved each other and figured it out.

like, sure, he could wear more color.  so i get him a purple sweater.  and he wears it.

and there's that whole "republican" thing,
but i've learned tolerance.

see?  it's like the WHOLE NATION is learning from us.

so when he came to town this past week,
tim and i took him on a roundabout tour of los angeles.

retail style.

some orchids at trader joe's

meeting the monkeys at maxfield's

doing some screening at blackman cruz

he mainly wanted to know where you would put a twelve foot tall amber safety glass and iron screen,
to which i said

see, rational discourse.

he did think the crane embroidery was nice

but then we found it.

the one item that could unite father and son,
north and south,
black and . . . bald.

i think he'll get a LOT of use out of it.

don't you?


Brooksie said...

Did I miss your visit?!
Look at my messy desk!
I'll make you a deal on that wig.

editor said...

how are these republican dads having such cool kids?